The Summer Flood - 26th June 2007
Click on an image to enlarge. (Photos by Joanna Mylett)

The guage at Brayford Head showing the level at 5.5m.

The island completely submerged.

No room under the old lift bridge.

The slipway on Brayford Wharfe East.

Not much room under the new University bridge either.

Upstream of the railway bridge.

No wonder the Brayford is so full if they are pumping water in off the street!

Not much flow outside the Royal william IV.

Speeding up past Gilbert Blades.

Faster still through the Glory Hole.

The entrance to the moorings behind The Shed.

On the Fosse Dyke tow path.

The next day - a pleasant sunny evening.

The water is 5" lower, but there is still only one step showing.